With our extensive fleet of heavy and medium duty trucks, we will go anywhere at any time to rescue your equipment. We understand that when one of your trucks is disabled, your bottom line is at risk. After providing service for over 15 years, Rapid Recovery Towing, knows the importance of getting our customers vehicle back on the road.

Our Trucks can handle any form of trucks such as but not limited to:

Light Duty

Light Duty

Looking to tow vehicles in or around Long Island? With well maintained flatbed tow trucks and a staff of highly trained and certified drivers, you can rely on Armando Towing of Long Island for your auto tow needs.
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Medium Towing

Medium Towing

In particular, you can turn towards our towing experts if you are interested in towing cars and/or trucks. Armando Towing of Long Island can handle any towing job. With flatbed towing, your vehicle receives the best quality care throughout the duration of the trip
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Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

When driving and you get a flat tire flatbed towing is by far the safest way to transport a vehicle. Armando Towing is your choice for first rate flatbed towing Long Island services. When it comes to flatbed towing, we give your vehicle our complete and undivided attention.
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Junk Car and Truck Removal

Rapid Recovery is your first choice for quick, convenient and efficient removal of unwanted vehicles from your commercial or residential property. From sedans to SUV’s, trucks to tour buses, our team will hook it up and haul it away. Don’t put up with that rusting, unsafe eyesore a day longer. Give us a call, and we’ll come and get it!

We prefer that you are with the vehicle at the time of the removal, unless prior special arrangements are made with our business office. In addition, we ask that you have the following with you when we arrive:

Proof if Ownership: Title or Registration for the Vehicle

Proof of Identity: Driver’s License or Non-Driver Picture ID

Keys to the Vehicle: Please tell our office if you do not have the keys!



Luxury, Vintage and Custom Vehicles

Owners of high-end, collectible and custom automobiles realize that in order to get the most out of their machine, it must be kept in pristine condition. Maintenance and transportation must be handled by caring professionals to preserve the integrity of the vehicle. Our premier fleet of flatbeds and transport tow trucks are specially equipped to relocate your luxury or exotic vehicles, including motorcycles, safely and securely. Rapid Recovery can transport your prized automobile to appear in custom shows or to and from storage facilities. Custom anchor straps are specially enforced and padded to eliminate movement while causing no damage or wear marks to the automobile while in transit.

Other Specialties

  • -Unbeatable inventory of common parts
  • -Air compressor
  • -Full set of modern hand and power tools
  • -Hydraulic hose machine
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